At home Beginners Workout!

Happy new year!…I’ve been getting many inquiries on how to start a strength training regimen at home.  Here is a great program for beginners, the intent will be to strengthen the whole body using body weight movements. There is a strong emphasis on training legs since this will yield the best result for fat loss and speeding up your metabolism.  While this is intended for beginners there are several modifications you can graduate to that I feel will challenge even the most fit! Let’s get started……

First we are going to start with more of a mobility and active stretching exercise to open up your body Childs pose into heel sit press. Face down on all fours, come into yoga child’s pose and back up on to all fours transitioning into a push up position and hold for a count of 10 and then repeat 5 times.

Next, we will do inch worms, standing tall bend at the waist, crawling out with feet planted, crawl out on your hands into a plank position,holding. Then crawl back to where you started- standing tall and start the exercise over. Repeat 10 times

Our next warmup exercise will be Frankenstein walks. Walking tall, extend your leg out straight at the knee out in front of you, reaching your opposite arm out stretched towards that opposite leg. Repeat with opposite leg and arm. Repeat this exercise for total of 20 steps, feeling the stretch on every step you take.

Now, starting our beginner exercise program…

Each exercise below you will rest for 60 seconds in between each set!


Body weight squats, (remembering as you come into your squat sit your butt back as if you’re going to sit in a chair,driving through your heals) Do 20 reps for 4 sets total, resting for 1 minute between each set. Tip- remember as you squat to press your knees apart, don’t let them come on the inside of your feet.


Stationary Split Squat- step back with one leg while the other stays fully planted, keeping the ball of your back foot up, carefully lower your body bending at the front knee. Lower your body until the back knee is about 3 inches off of the ground.  If your need some assistance you can hold onto a railing or sturdy object. Do 15reps  on the first leg. Then switch legs and repeat with the opposite leg for another 15 reps, for 3 sets total on each side. (Make sure with this exercise your front knee isn’t jutting forward past your foot, with your your front heel raising up)


Glute Bridges- lying flat on your back with your knees bent slowly drive up through your heels raising your glutes off of the ground up into a bridge. As you get to the top of the exercise focus on squeezing your glutes, holding for a count of 3 seconds and slowly releasing back Down to the ground. 3- 45 second sets with 45 seconds rest in between.


Single arm Dumbbell Rows- with 1-10 to 15 lbs Dumbbell in your left hand, get into a bent over position, opposite leg is out front while resting your opposite hand onto a tabletop or chair, back is straight and chest is up. Slowly pull the dumbbell up towards your chest (only to chest level and then slowly release it down back to starting position). Remember to focus on engaging your back muscles, and as you draw that dumbbell towards your chest drive your elbow back and focus on squeezing in your shoulder blade. 12-15 reps per side for 3 sets each


Dumbbell overhead presses- taking 10-15lb Dumbbells, standing in a split stance position, holding the Dumbbells chest/shoulder level palms are facing each other. Press the Dumbbells overhead exhaling on the push up, don’t fully extend and lock out your elbows as you reach the top of the exercise. 3 sets of 15 reps


Planks- coming down on all fours, palms are flat on the ground, first let’s practice hip flexion and extension, tuck and untuck your pelvis 3 times each, ending with your pelvis tucked.  Now, raise up onto your feet, palms are flat on the ground directly underneath you( underneath your chest directly, making sure your hands aren’t out stretched in front of you) keeping your pelvis tucked, abs and core are tight and engaged, hold this position for 1 minute.  Rest for 45 seconds, then repeat this for 2 more sets.


After this workout, you could perform some full body stretching! Have Fun!!

xoxo Jamie

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