Can Women get “Bulky” Weight Training?

Girls! You can not get ‘bulky’ weight lifting!!! This belief is unfortunately still very much alive. Yes, you will build muscle lifting weights but as women we can’t get extremely bulky. We don’t have the natural testosterone levels to get tons of bulky mass. If you have just recently incorporated a weight lifting program into your exercise routine, and you’re feeling like you’re getting bigger, or your clothes are fitting tighter you are probably gaining muscle at a faster rate than you are losing fat. The bulk that you are feeling is fat. So, making a change with your program would be ideal. Focusing on diet and including cardio in your program will help with fat loss. Incorporating proper diet and nutrition, cardio regiment, and proper weight training program will lead to the “toned” body that every woman desires! Lifting weights will increase your metabolic rate. Muscle uses more energy than fat does and having a fast and efficient metabolism is extremely important for reaching your weight loss goals.

Diet- diet is one of the most important things to focus on in this equation. Fat loss only works if your diet is on point. Calorie control is important, but so is counting your macronutrients; carbs,fats, and proteins.

EPOC. Another reason to lift is the afterburn! (Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption)After an hour weight lifting session, your body is still burning calories. Up to 48 hours later your metabolism is still revved from lifting.

Cardio-Doing countless hours a week of plain old steady cardio is a waste of time and will not get you to the lean muscle toned body that you’re looking for. Incorporating HIIT cardio or intervals for 75% of your cardio routine would be a much more efficient use of your time.

Density of fat vs muscle- when comparing muscle and fat on the scale they are the same. If you have 10 pounds of fat vs 10 pounds of muscle it’s still going to be 10 pounds vs 10 pounds. Where the truth comes in is that muscle and fat have different densities. Muscle is much more dense that’s fat, and muscle also occupies less space than fat. So 10 pounds of muscle vs 10 pounds of fat will weigh the same pound for pound,but they will definitely not LOOK the same.

Weight lifting is very empowering. Weight lifting can give you a kind of confidence in yourself, especially as women I think it’s easy to feel weak and not strong enough to do certain activities but through working out you can easily gain that inner confidence. Gaining the physical strength is just as important as gaining the mental strength. We are women, we are STRONG!

Along with gaining strength. Working out can fight against depression. And help with your quality of sleep. Working out will release many feel good hormones like epinephrine and growth hormone.
Strength training also will increase bone density! If you already have osteoporosis or osteopenia weightlifting can help treat both.

There are many reasons to start a weight lifting program! So, ladies don’t be fearful of the weights! Come & see me if you need some direction!

xoxo Jamie

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  1. This is very interesting! I’m so afraid to get “bulky” that I avoid weight lifting… But reading your post has changed my mind! In your opinion, is HIIT more efficient to lose weight than “regular” cardio? (Such as running, biking, hiking) Thanks!

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