Drink Smart

Imagine a drink..A drink for all of the aspects of your daily life. A drink that amplifies your senses and reactions for ordinary tasks. Well now you can..I’m sure some of you have tried this before since it’s been out for quite sometime…It’s NEURO!! Neuro drinks are absolutely amazing!! Neuro is offered in 8 different concepts, depending on your mood or desire. Each Nuero contains the right vitamins and minerals most beneficial for the concept or task at hand. It’s…

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Ladder Sprints

Ladder Sprints Track day! Tommy and I headed over to the Eastside for some sprint work today!!! Yet again the weather was amazing, the fall air was crisp and cool but the sun warmed us right up. We did ladder sprints.. So we started with our warm up and then did 2 sets of sprinting for each of the following (with whatever ladder it was for recovery in between)… 2-50 meters 2-100 meters 2-200 meters 2-100 meters 2-50 meters Then we…

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Sprints, Sprints, Sprints!!

So, Tommy and me did a track workout today! Wahoo. It was a perfect day for it. The weather was amazing.  HOT HOTTTTT in October still. I think I might of caught a little bit of a tan…I hope.We did…10 minute warm up jog there1 mile of 100 meter straight away sprints/ walking the bends.Then we ran 3 sets of 25/50 meter suicides.10-15 min cool down jogTry to incorporate sprinting/interval training type cardio into your routine every week!!  The benefits…

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My Training Tips

My Training TIPS!! I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again and this is my number 1… BE CONSISTANT! From training to diet to everyday life…You must be consistent with your workouts and diet. This is an excepted lifestyle change and in order to achieve your dream body or lose that last stubborn 5 pounds or what ever your goal may be- Consistency is the ANSWER. Of course everyone has their slip ups, even I do; but this is something that…

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New Finds! Drink up

Inkos has three new flavors of their teas! Mango Passionfruit Rooibos, Citrus Black Currant Oolong Tea, and Half&Half Green Tea and Lemonade. All teas are low or no calories!! MUSTARD!! As always mustard is a great low calorie condiment! Silver Spring has a new whole grain mustard with newly added little Zippety Do DAH of horseradish. For all you ENERGY JUNKIES!!! 5 hour energy has a new flavor- PINK LEMONADE! Karma Wellness Water- Now has established a new line with 110%…

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Bring it

This has been a rough week for me. Constant battles and obstacles will only make you stronger in the long run. Rising above your fears and getting out of your comfort zones is necessary for success!! You have to figure out what’s been holding you back, learn from it, and let it go…Happy SATURDAY! XOXO  

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