How to chose the right protein bar?!

How to chose the right protein bar!!!?

I know that many of us are extremely busy sometimes and having time to cook a meal is just out of the question. We are left reaching for a protein bar. Many protein bars can be just as bad as having a candy bar! There are many ingredients to look for in a protein bar. One good ingredient to pay attention to is a high protein content. Anywhere from 16-30g. Protein will keep you from getting hungry, keeping you satisfied for longer, especially looking for whey protein on the label. Another ingredient would be fiber! Fiber will also keep you fuller longer. The only thing with higher fiber bars I wouldn’t recommend as a post workout, because fiber is slower digesting. Being a slow digesting micronutrient?… It will halt the absorption of protein and carbs to your muscles, and glycogen depleted body. A better option for post workout would be a lower fiber and lower fat bar.
The are many Ingredients to avoid in a protein bar…
First and most important I would say sugar. Sugar can energize you and then drop your blood sugar really low. An energy crash from Sugar can happen fast in just 30 minutes or so. Look for no more than 9-10g of sugar in your bar.
Another ingredient to watch out for is soy! This said I try to avoid soy in any product that I am consuming, not only protein bars. 85% of soybeans grown in the U.S. have been genetically modified.
My protein bar choices are:

Quest bar



OhYeah! Victory bars




B-Up Bar




Papa steves




Power Crunch Bar



Muscle Pharm Combat Bar



Krush bars


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