Maneuvering the menu

Restaurant menus can be hard to navigate sometimes. Restaurant food is questionable on just how on par they are with their nutrition- even the known “healthy” eateries.

Go into it with a plan, make sure you aren’t ravished when you show up to the restaurant.  Drinking water and having a snack beforehand is a great option for staying satisfied for a few.

Order an appetizer! Ordering an appetizer can also help you. Ordering a lighter appetizer is a great choice! They come out fast and can help if your feeling ravished.  Try to take some of your entree to go in a doggy bag. Most entrees are huge portions, and breaking it up into 2 meals is a great healthy option!!




While ordering…

-Try to steer clear of dishes with words like bisque, buttered, scalloped, creamy, tempura, fried, smothered, cream sauce, au gratin, deep fried, breaded

-Better options are grilled, sautéed, broiled, steamed, au jus, vinaigrette, poached, and baked.

Remember the customer is always right, restaurants will make substutions to cater to your needs. So, making substitutions is a great option.

Apps for your phone such as yumpower or the calorieking can help you navigate through some healthy and not so healthy options. Both apps are free, remember being healthy just takes a little bit of extra time and with making daily healthy choices you set yourself up for success in the long run.

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