My Training Tips

My Training TIPS!!

I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again and this is my number 1…

BE CONSISTANT! From training to diet to everyday life…You must be consistent with your workouts and diet. This is an excepted lifestyle change and in order to achieve your dream body or lose that last stubborn 5 pounds or what ever your goal may be- Consistency is the ANSWER. Of course everyone has their slip ups, even I do; but this is something that should be far and few. Put your mind to it…That cheeseburger slathered in sopping oiled dripping bacon and deep fried cheesy french it really that important really?…I’m positive that there are much healthier alternatives to shit foods, you just have to think outside of the box and except that it takes a little bit more time and thinking involved.  But, after you have made the conscious decision to change this way of eating it should start to become second nature. Honestly, eating healthy can taste just as good, and it FEEEEEELS so AMAZING. If you didn’t have time for exercise today, okay well there is always tomorrow, and the next day, just keep track and remember that any form of exercise whether it be “All I had time for today was a 20 minute jog”…is better than nothing. Pace yourself and your body…weigh your options…Is that tv show more important than that _____ Goal that your looking to achieve for your body and yourself. Ultimately, you will have to make choices on what’s more important.

ESTABLISH GOALS- Okay…so how can you be consistent and work towards what you would like to happen if you don’t establish goals and distinguish between your wants and needs. WRITE IT out!! I have recently decided to write out goals for myself. I’ve known for a while that it’s probably a great thing to do, I just kept putting it off. But there is something about it being in writing that really lays down the law.  I feel like it brings the seriousness into perspective a little more.  So, just do it, even if it seems silly.  Then you can cross it out. and crossing it out feels SOOOOO good, like you’ve just conquered something amazing. 🙂

REFLECTING…Okay this is extremely important too!! Now that you’ve established goals and have begun to stay consistent..You need to make sure your reflecting upon yourself in an entirety. Reflecting and refueling is important. Not only actually refueling after a workout, but refueling your mind, body, and spirit. All three work together as a whole for an amazing well being. Taking that me time, or just sitting down to actually rejuv, or read a book, paint your nails, take a bubble bath, be spontanious, basking in the sun, or breathing in the fresh end of summer/fall breeze. Inspire your senses and take all three with you to that happy place..whatever it be just make sure that you do it for YOU. Reflecting on all of your accomplishments and also all of the obstacles that you have overcome is important for success. Often times we get caught up in the daily challenges and negative setbacks, seriously taking a step back and refocusing all three energies in your own atmosphere is a must for YOU. You must put the past negative things behind you and focus on becoming better for you and the future.

CHANGE,CHANGE,CHANGE!! Changing it up! Once you establish what you’re looking to accomplish. You should set out to do the correct exercises with your goal in mind, But make sure to change up your routine if you feel like it’s getting stale to encourage you to press forward and stay motivated! Not only changing up your workout routines, but even changing up maybe your workout wardrobe or maybe a new pair of sneakers, or possibly downloading new motivating music on your ipod.  Any sort of change will bring new excitement for sure!!

REFUELING..Zzzzzzz….Making sure your getting enough sleep and adequate nutrition into your body!! Your body needs REST!!! Make sure your getting an appropriate amount of rest time between workouts to recover. Don’t EVER enter a workout hungry, and make sure to refeed your precious muscles and body afterwards!! Your only given one body so make sure you take care of it. Give back to your body in the form of rest and antioxidants as well. Vitamins are important. Make sure your hitting your RDA on vitamins and minerals. Feeding your body mentally, physically, and psychologically is so important for success inside and out. So, seriously take the time for YOURSELF. 🙂

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