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New down the Isle!! | Jamie Corso

New down the Isle!!

Hey guys! So, here’s some new products down the grocery isle that I thought you should check out!



New Protein water!! So, this is just not another protein water, Protein2o is rich in electrolytes and has 15g of protein per bottle! available in grape splash, lemon splash, and berry splash


Mixim the makers of greek yogurts, have introduced two new flavors in their line up- Blueberry and chocolate chip cookie bites, and maple syrup with waffle pieces!! These greek yogurts are fat free, and contain plenty of protein, but my disapproval is the sugar content. These new flavors look amazing, but only something I would look at consuming as a treat or post workout! Currently they’re only available on the West Coast but soon to be making their way east.


Sabra salsa– New and improved eight new flavors. Available in  Mango Peach, Restaurant Style, Roasted Garlic, Pico de Gallo, Homestyle Medium, Homestyle Mild,Southwestern, and Garden Style! Their new salsa recipe is fresh and improved!! 



So, Quest has done it again!! Their protein bars of course are outstanding. Now they have come up with Protein chips!!! Yum I’m so excited to try it!! Their new flavors are BBQ, Cheddar and sour cream, Sea salt.

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