New Finds! Drink up

Inkos has three new flavors of their teas! Mango Passionfruit Rooibos, Citrus Black Currant Oolong Tea, and Half&Half Green Tea and Lemonade. All teas are low or no calories!!

MUSTARD!! As always mustard is a great low calorie condiment! Silver Spring has a new whole grain mustard with newly added little Zippety Do DAH of horseradish.

For all you ENERGY JUNKIES!!! 5 hour energy has a new flavor- PINK LEMONADE!

Karma Wellness Water- Now has established a new line with 110% of RDA vitamins and minerals, but isn’t released until you pop that top! The airtight effect doesn’t release the vitamins, until then,through it’s uniquely exclusive “karma cap” because they deteriorate faster…Hmmm…interesting concept…CHECK IT OUT. They are only 20 calories and offered in acia pomberry, coconut pineapple, orange mango, raspberry guava jackfruit, passionfruit green tea.

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