Instead of buying greasy fried tortilla chips; these would be a healthy alternative chip!

You will need:
1 bag of wraps,I used- Guerrero Tortilla wraps, which are Gluten Friendly!
Truffle salt ((optional), But it shouldn’t be, its amazing!!!)
Coconut Oil
& Salsa
Turn the broiler on high
Take the tortillas and fold them lengthwise and then fold them in half one more time. Now you should have 4 triangles. On a greased cookie sheet (I used coconut oil), spread out all the triangles and fill the sheet. Put into the oven on broil, until golden brown, should be 2-4 mins or so. Now flip the chips, and sprinkle with truffle salt. Place back into the oven until golden brown! Pair with a medium- spiced Salsa!