Sprints, Sprints, Sprints!!

So, Tommy and me did a track workout today! Wahoo. It was a perfect day for it. The weather was amazing.  HOT HOTTTTT in October still. I think I might of caught a little bit of a tan…I hope.

We did…
10 minute warm up jog there
1 mile of 100 meter straight away sprints/ walking the bends.
Then we ran 3 sets of 25/50 meter suicides.
10-15 min cool down jog

Try to incorporate sprinting/interval training type cardio into your routine every week!!  The benefits of this type of cardio are extremely high. Bringing your body to its max and then giving it that recovery time  is great for fat burning and loosing the least amount of muscle mass.

We made a friend on the way….

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