Stay stimulated throughout the holidays

Staying stimulated throughout this holiday season is very important. Your goals shouldn’t take time off for the holiday season even if you are. Making sure you’re keeping up with your goals is necessary for reaching them. Through all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season you should take time out for your health. On average people gain 1-1.5 pounds over the holiday season, that might not seem like a lot but added up throughout the years and you could have some serious weight gain. Take steps to stay healthy through this holiday season.

First, decide to commit to keeping/changing to a healthy lifestyle for the holiday season. If you aren’t saying yes to this then unfortunately gaining success in this is obviously not going to happen. You have to want it.

-Stay motivated!!!

Setting smaller goals through this season should be the best way to stay on track. Believe in change and believe that you can stick to your goals, and still have fun. Giving yourself an early gift could help you stay on track..maybe pick up that new pair of workout shorts you eyeballed while christmas shopping for a jolt of gym motivation. Taking that me time out of your holiday rush to focus on your goals for the holiday season and the upcoming new year is important.

-Say YES!!

Saying yes to holiday parties and get togethers but keeping everything in moderation. Watch your portions.

Make a plan to eat healthy during the week but allow yourself to enjoy a cheat meal and indulge on a few picks at holiday parties without going overboard. Diet is very important but let’s be real this time only comes once a year, I’m definitely no stranger to partying,eating and having a good time but just try to be modest with a substitution and alternative mentality.

Options for subbing out certain ingredients to make your holiday dishes healthier…

Oil for applesauce

White flour for wheat/oat/buckwheat

Sour cream for fat free Greek yogurt

Cheese for low fat or fat free cheese

Crutons in salad for Nuts

White pasta for whole Wheat or Spaghetti Squash

Baking Butter for Puree Avocado

-Get IT out there!!

Keeping your goals insight for everyone to see. Let everyone know that your sticking to your diet and allowing yourself x amount of cheats or inviting them for a little bit of workout company. Keeping winter play in your workout agenda. Sledding, ice skating, snowboarding, and skiing are all great workouts and also a lot of wintertime fun. Keeping it interesting and fun is great for trying to keep your activity levels up.

Staying active towards your accomplishments should be your present to yourself this holiday season. To help stay stimulated try to give the gift of health to everyone on your list in some form!!

Have a Healthy & Happy Holiday!!!

xoxo Jamie

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