Top Food Trends for Spring 2017

Top Food Trends for Spring 2017

There are so many food trends for spring 2017! They’ve really shifted within the past couple years, and it’s clear that taste is no longer the determining factor of what’s in. Rather, there seems to be a quest for evermore protein, and a greater acceptance of fats; It’s all about hitting those macros, and achieving balance. Right?

This has been a trend for quite some time now, but its popularity continues to grow. Bone broth is commonly made up of turkey, chicken, or beef with veggies and spices. It’s pretty easy to make and is packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. Bone broth lovers claim it promotes strong bones, reduces joint pain, inflammation, and promotes healthy digestion.

Green almonds are only available during the harvest in spring. They’re picked earlier than the almonds we are used to seeing, giving them a tart and earthy taste compared to brown almonds. You can usually find these at your local farmers market.

Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast. The name, while a little off putting,
really speaks for it. There are a lot of B vitamins in it, and some protein as well. Nutritional yeast tends to have a nuttier-cheesier taste, making it a great cheese substitute!

Skyr is the brother of Greek yogurt. This cultured style dairy product is Icelandic, and has a different production process than Greek yogurt; it has a yogurt-y consistency, but is milder in flavor than typical Greek yogurt. Meanwhile, like Greek yogurt, it’s still high in protein and has tons of good bacteria for the gut.

These foods, known for gut health, are becoming more and more commonplace. They help improve digestive health and raise the immune system’s defenses. These prebiotic and probiotic foods have been linked to an overall healthier microbiome. Some foods that are fermented include kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kefir.

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