Weight lifting for running?

To become a better writer, you need to write more. To become a better public speaker, you need to speak in front of an audience more. Therefore, to become a better runner, you need to run more, right?

To become better at something, you need to do more of it, no question about it. However, multiple factors contribute to your fitness performance. Cardiovascular performance is irrefutably enhanced with the incorporation of weight and resistance training. Weight and resistance training increases muscular strength that allows the body the ability to strongly perform cardiovascular activity and perform each movement with more ease. While cardio improves your cardiovascular strength and your endurance, strength training improves your stamina. So you will be able to go harder, for longer. Cardio and strength training are both necessary and both compliment each other.

How does weight and resistance training enhance cardiovascular performance?

1. Endorphins and Mental clarity-There is a positive correlation between strength training and endorphins and mental clarity. Though it might not feel like it during the pain of pumping out that last set, endorphins act as a pain – reliever and antidepressant. You probably have noticed the explosion of endorphins and confidence during cardio activities or races when you cross the finish line. Similarly, you will feel endorphins explode for the duration of your weight training routine, during each rep you perform.

2. Heart Health Weight and resistance training boosts your metabolism throughout the day (not just during your workout as with cardio). Elevated metabolism contributes to improving heart health, which is crucial to enhanced endurance. Speed is improved by increasing the force used by your legs and core. To increase speed while running, biking, rowing, swimming, etc. muscular strength and heart health is crucial.

3. Breakthroughs I have had clients come to me in complete amazement, saying that prior to strength training, they had seen positive results for their personal records and goals, but never experienced results like they have once adding some weight lifting to their routines. For example, running their fastest mile, participating in a sprint triathlon, and other activities they did not feel strong enough to do. Key words – Strong enough. Strength is improved with the development of lean muscle mass. It is not about the need to be bulky or muscular, but to truly get definition or tone of any variety, strength training is involved.

To improve your running, do you need to run more? Of course, but also, lift more.


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